Activities, functions and services

Improves competitiveness and profitability 

At Externaland we focus on the results and establish the guidelines to achieve them, providing profitability and competitiveness.

Reduce costs

Outsourcing allows optimizing expenses and minimizing risks both economically and at a strategic level.

It allows to dedicate efforts to our business

Outsourcing allows the company to direct resources to tasks directly related to the business line.

Power productivity processes

Giving services or tasks to specialized companies allows improving productivity processes and, therefore, sales.

Increase sales

The outsourcing of services allows to increase sales due to the fact that the force can be focused on the main business and not on auxiliary or secondary processes.

Improves the ability to adapt to the market

Thanks to outsourcing, business efficiency can be increased and the company can respond quickly adapting to changes.

Opportunity and tool for business growth

The outsourcing of some tasks allows the company to be better, as well as growth.

International projection

In an increasingly global world, the variety of languages and cultural changes ... are often an obstacle to international projection. In this sense, relying on an international outsourcing company can provide not only knowledge of the market and its peculiarities, but also allows us to provide a closer, more appropriate service adapted to the customer of each country.

Outsource to grow

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